Classic or Historic Vehicles may be registered through the club in compliance to the rules by the RMS (see section 6 of the Constitution)

In Simple terms a Historic Vehicle is in the condition as when it was originally certified for sale, although there is some flexibility what may seem like simple modifications can result in failure of a vehicle to be registered as an Historic vehicle and it may have to be registered as a Classic vehicle.

Registration of an Historic Vehicle,

  1. You must be a financial Member of the Club
    • If unregistered you will need a Blue slip, if registered a pink slip is required
  2. Download a club Vehicle registration form and RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration Form ( Membership / Membership and Vehicle registration Forms) The RMS form can also be completed and  on the RMS web site.
  3. Complete the Club Vehicle Registration Form
  4. Complete the left hand side of RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration Form
    • You must submit the original form to the RMS that you complete, not a photocopy

The Club Registrar must sight the vehicle and you must produce original copies of:

    1. The Pink or Blue slip
    2. If registered the RMS Certificate of registration
    3. The Completed Club Vehicle Registration form
    4. The Historic Vehicle declaration form with the left hand side completed
  • The registrar will
    • complete the right hand side of the declaration form.
    • Take a photocopy of the documents that he requires
    • You may then take the documents to the RMS who should register or renew your registration.

Registration of Classic Vehicles

  • Similar process except that you will need an engineers certificate for each non standard modification even if the vehicle has a current full registration.
    • The registrar can help you with the requirements and the process.